Intelligent code generation for developer tools and low-code platforms

We believe a new generation of tools is coming to empower developers, creatives and domain experts to build applications 10x faster, in more automated ways.

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Prodo focuses on future-oriented R&D, delivering core technology for smarter code generation within different development workflows. To showcase our technology and test those different workflows, we’ve built a series of experimental products at the cross-roads of dev tools, AI, and low-code.


Prodo is a diverse team of AI scientists and product engineers based in London, UK. Key personnel include a PhD from Oxford, a PhD from Cambridge and other Computer Science alumni from Imperial and Victoria. Three members of the founding team originally used to work together at Palantir, where they've built a wide range of AI-powered tools and full-stack platforms for Enterprise customers.

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Bruno Marnette

Founder / CEO

An engineer by training, and an entrepreneurial tech lead at heart. Before Prodo, Bruno completed a PhD in AI at Oxford and worked at Winton Capital and Palantir before co-founding an EdTech company called Enki, where he led the development of an application used by 1M developers.

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Tom Dawes

Founder / CTO

Tom studied pure Maths at Oxford before spending 3 years at Palantir driving mission-critical deployment and delivering full-stack solutions to a broad spectrum of customers. At Prodo, he leads the engineering and product efforts to challenge the status quo of how engineering tools work.

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Andreja Kogovsek

Software Engineer

After an MEng from Imperial College London, Andreja worked for 4 years at Palantir as a full-stack engineer in the Philantropy team. With a passion for developer experience and a penchant for building user-driven features, Andreja found her sweet-spot at Prodo where she also manages user-testing and product feedback.

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Kai Wohlfahrt

Software Engineer

After a PhD and PostDoc at Cambrige in an AI-focused biochemistry lab, Kai joined Prodo to transfer his ML expertise from the analysis of complex chemicals to the analysis of source code. And because Kai loves code, he's also developed expertise in a range of deeply technical areas, including compilers and hardware infrastructure.

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Jake Runzer

Software Engineer

Jake studied at University of Victoria in Canada before crossing the ocean to join Prodo as a product-focused engineer. While primarily working with TypeScript and React at Prodo, Jake is also a true full-stack polyglot and is spending a lot of his time writing transpilers and algorithms for the runtime analysis of code.

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Sunir Mehta

UI / UX Designer

While a lot of Prodo's magic happens on server side, presenting it to users in comprehensible ways takes a great deal of UI and UX work. As our chief designer, Sunir sits at the focal point of all of our user-facing efforts. His work spans many areas of user interfaces, visual design, and interaction engineering.