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  • full-stack JavaScript role based in London, UK
  • learn what you need, when you need it, with full support from your colleagues
  • VC-backed company with technical founders (from Google, Oxford, Palantir)
  • multiple openings, looking both for junior and senior developers
  • the role involves building UIs, creating services, and managing data
  • current JS stack: React, Redux, Node, Koa, FlowType, Ava, Kubernetes
  • opportunity to work on Machine Learning
  • generous skill-based compensation, salary and equity

About the company

Software engineers are only human, and machines are very unforgiving. We leverage modern NLP and Machine Learning techniques to address the cognitive limitations that make software so difficult to understand, produce and maintain.

Our first product augments human developers with AI to simplify and automate the code review process, enabling engineers to fix problems before shipping code to production.

About the role

We’re looking for developers at all experience levels who love building applications and services with JavaScript.

There’s a lot of things you could do at Prodo. For example:

  • creating UIs for us to visualise and manage code reviews
  • developing software to poke and repair our customers’ code repositories
  • contributing to open-source projects (we ❤️ open-source software)
  • learning every part of a web service stack, from front to back
  • applying internal and external research, and assisting in data management
  • continuously refactoring code to improve resilience and scalability

Team Culture

Every developer at Prodo is full-stack. This doesn’t mean they need to know everything, but it does mean they enjoy learning new things, even outside their comfort zone. We take pride in our product’s value over specific features, so we work wherever we can deliver the most.

We are big believers in Extreme Programming practices. We love to pair when we can, we test-drive large amounts of our code, we refactor early and often, and generally think it is better to try a few things instead of spending lots of time designing.

We always try to use the best technology for the job, and we change what we use with the job.

We are big fans of continuous deployment, test-driven development, pair programming, type systems, sushi, squash, flexible working hours, and healthy amounts of sleep.

Current Stack

Our stack will never be set in stone, and newcomers will have the opportunity (and responsibility) to question and improve any technical choices made before they joined. But just to give you a flavour of our stack today, we are currently using:

  • React and Redux for our front-end
  • Node.js and Koa for most of our web services
  • Flow to type things; Ava to test things
  • Kubernetes to deploy our microservices on Google Cloud
  • Elasticsearch as our database; RabbitMQ as our message queue
  • PyTorch on AWS GPU instances to train our neural networks
  • Python for data management

We don’t expect you to be an expert in all (or any) of the above, but that you’re willing to learn how we currently do things and help us improve.

How to apply

Did this sound intriguing? Please email us at with a CV or some links to your profile (or previous work) to start a discussion.

You might also want to check out our data or research roles.
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