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  • full-time research position, based in London, UK
  • VC-backed company with technical founders and investors
  • focus on Deep Learning and NLP for Software Development
  • Ph.D. or Post-Doc level positions (or equivalent Industry experience)
  • strong engineering team behind you to productise your ideas
  • we encourage publishing papers and working with academic institutions

About the company

We are an early-stage product company working towards building the next generation of AI to enhance software development.

Our mission is to drive the inevitable AI transformation of the software industry to empower humans, while letting machines take care of our grunt work.

In the short term, we focus on helping developers write production-quality code by using AI to reduce the time and the cognitive effort required when reviewing or repairing code.

Research focus

Our research lies at the intersection of Machine Learning, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering. We are therefore looking for experts (either with a Ph.D. or industry experience) coming from one of these fields and able to work in a multidisciplinary team. Relevant areas include:

  • deep learning / neural networks
  • natural language processing
  • data mining and retrieval
  • statistical machine learning
  • programming languages / program synthesis
  • static analysis / abstract interpretation

Research culture

Prodo's research team works closely with the product team, but typically at a different time scale. We are therefore looking for people who love to see their ideas put into practice, whilst being comfortable aiming for long-term impact.

Applying Machine Learning to code is an emerging research area, and we believe that there is a huge opportunity for fundamental innovation and industrial impact, in par with those achieved in more traditional applications areas, such as speech or image processing. We therefore strive to make every Prodo researcher a recognised expert of this exciting and novel field.

One of our key values is openness, and so we believe in conducting research with outputs that are visible both inside and outside the company. Full-time researchers at Prodo will contribute to public research by publishing papers in major conferences. We are also proactive in promoting the emerging field of Machine Learning for Programming, for instance by co-organising dedicated academic events.

Finally, we collaborate (formally and informally) with researchers from a wide range of institutions, including EPFL, University of Oxford, Alan Turing Institute, University of Edinburgh, UCL and TU Delft.

Key reasons to join

  • open research culture, encouraging publications
  • tailor your project before you start (based on your own ideas)
  • safe place to learn and experiment without blame
  • flexible hours and flexible work style
  • strong support from our engineering team
  • support and mentorship from respected experts
  • generous compensation, salary and equity

How to apply

Curious to know more? Please email us at with a CV or some links (to your profile or previous work) to start a discussion.

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